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The favorite toolbox for my software engineering life :)

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The favorite toolbox for my software engineering life :)

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Duy Nguyen
·Jul 4, 2022·

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As a software engineer and engineering manager, I really need good tools to make my daily work easier. Here is a list of things that I am using. Hope that it’s also useful for others.

* I am a Mac OS user*

IDE / Editor

  • Visual Studio Code: not much to say it’s quite popular for now.
  • Intellij: also an excellent tool and very strong with code searching & refactoring.
  • Sublime Text: an extremely fast and lightweight editor to open any soure code files.
  • GitHub Codespace: a cloud-based vscode IDE with 1st-class support by GitHub. With this, you just it a modern browser to work on your projects anytime / anywhere.

Version Control UI (mainly for Git)

  • GitKraken: a very good tool which gives you a clear overview of your source tree and provides additional nice features. You will find it helpful if you work frequently with Git (not just "commit & push")

Database GUI Client

  • TablePlus (for Postgres): clear, lightweight and easy to use. What else do you expect?
  • Intellij Database explorer: if you are using the commercial version of Jetbrains IDEs, you already have a great built-in database explorer inside your IDE. Why do you need another tool?

Development Environment

  • Docker: do I need to tell you about it?
  • iTerm (with ZSH): a very popular alternative for the default terminal of the OS
  • Termius: if you are the one who need to access a lot of remote servers during your working time, this is a should-have tool to manage all of your connections.

Web Browser

  • Firefox for Developer: for users who consider much about privacy. So do I.

Some Others

  • Magnet: small but useful tool to quickly layout multiple windows on the same screen
  • Boop: a collection of utilities for engineer (e.g. base64 encoder / decoder, JSON formatter ...)
  • Bear: a cool note writing tool using MarkDown where you can quickly organize your notes by tags under multi levels.
  • GoodNotes: a great tool for brain-storming with a "pencil"
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